Luxury Presence release notes
Luxury Presence release notes

Element Release - Universal - Presentation Analytics




For the Presentations tool, users can now access data on the presentations they create and share.

Details on Statistics

Visitors → This can be thought of as the number of unique visitors to a presentation. This will NOT count repeat visits to a presentation from the same device.

Sessions → This can be thought of as the total number of times a user views a presentation. We are counting a session as any time a user opens up a presentation. For example, I view the presentation on my laptop, close the tab of the presentation, then view it again a few hours later we would register that as 1 Visitor and 2 sessions.

Average Completion Rate → This is the average completion rate of our presentations across all sessions. For instance, let’s say my presentation has had 4 sessions. The completion rate of those sessions were 50%, 25%, 100%, and 75%. The number displayed in this summary bar would be 62.5%.

Slide View → The number of times a slide is navigated to across sessions.