Luxury Presence release notes
Luxury Presence release notes

Element Release - Universal - Mortgage Calculator



  • The mortgage calculator tool is a proprietary element within the Luxury Presence dashboard that allows users to calculate estimated monthly mortgage payments. The breakdown of the mortgage payment includes the Principal & Interest, Property Taxes, HOA dues, and Home Owner’s Insurance.

  • The mortgage calculator tool comes pre-populated with values based on national averages. Users can adjust the values to meet their desired criteria.

How Can I Add the Mortgage Calculator Tool to my site?

  1. Click into the “Websites” section of the dashboard and select the pencil icon on your website to enter the editable backend

  2. Navigate the support page where you would like the calculator to be displayed

  3. Select “Edit Page” from the top right corner

  4. Hover over a website element until you see the + icon

  5. Upon clicking the + icon, you will open our Element Library where you can search “Mortgage Calculator”. This will add the calculator tool to the page

  6. Use the “^ ∨” arrows to position the element to your desired location on the page

  7. Select “Save” from the top right corner of the screen to save your changes

How Can I Change the style of the Mortgage Calculator Tool?

  • While in edit mode, selecting the mortgage calculator tool will open up a control panel on the left of the screen with all of the available formatting options.

  • From the panel you are able to adjust the Title, Description, Colors, and Social Media icon styles on the tool.

Mortgage Calculator Tool for Property Details Page

  • The Property Mortgage Calculator Tool is a shortened version of the support page Mortgage Calculator and can be used to automatically calculate the estimated monthly mortgage payments on any of the active listings that you have showcased on your Properties page.

  • If a user selects an active property to view from the Featured Properties page, along with the description and additional information, the calculator tool will also be visible showcasing the breakdown of mortgage payments.

  • In addition to all of the style formatting options available on the Support Mortgage Calculator Tool (listed in the respective section above), the Property Mortgage Calculator Tool element also features a “Settings Button” control. Adjusting this will allow you to redirect the user to another desired location on your website. If you have the full mortgage calculator on a support page, the user can be directed to this page to further customize their mortgage payment.

  • The Property Mortgage Calculator is meant to only be used on the Property Detail page. For desired use of the tool on other website pages, you may use the support page Mortgage Calculator Tool.