Luxury Presence release notes
Luxury Presence release notes

Launch of New Product - Global Collective




Global Collective is a worldwide network of the top performing real estate professionals. The website is dedicated to showcasing the most unique, trophy properties from in the country, and the skilled agents who list them. Members of Global Collective will have access to an elite agent-to-agent referral network with a global reach to grow their business.

Features Include:

  • Nationwide listing directory of exclusive homes that you can search by: City, Neighborhood, Zip Code, Region, and Country.

  • Agent directory and profile pages for all members, with backlinks to the agent’s website and social profiles.

  • User profiles for consumers.

  • Newsletter with upcoming real estate information, knowledge, and trends in the luxury market.

  • Lead generation forms.

  • Luxury lifestyle and real estate market knowledge base and blogs.

  • Global referral network.

  • Networking events



  • Rebrand of what was formerly The Network, is now elevated to Global Collective.

  • Global Collective stand-alone website and brand designed to be a central place for ultra-high net worth individuals to find a home.

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Element Release - Universal - Call-To-Action Block, Boxed Text & Stats Highlight





  • This universal element displays a single button and title text. The button can be center-aligned or right-aligned.





  • Adjustable Button Placement: The button can be center-aligned or right-aligned

CTA block.png

MLS Search Bar - Element Enhancement - Search Near Me





  • The universal Opening with Search element now supports a "Search Near Me" option when the MLS Search Bar is enabled for the element.
  • When a user clicks "Search Near Me", the user will be directed to the home search, which will display properties close to the user's browser location information.





  • More convenient for agent’s clients to find nearby listings

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Media Gallery - New Functionality - Share Saved Media with All Users in Account





  • The Media Gallery has been updated to display saved media across all users in account. This has been updated for the "My Videos", "My Images", and "My Files" tab.





  • If a user adds a new image/video/file to their site, all other users in the account will be able to access all uploaded or selected media, regardless of the user that it originated from

  • Helps for media re-use, so that users do not have to search, find, re-upload or re-select the file again

Account 1 - Uploads New Image

account 1.png

Account 2 - Can Access the Image that Account 1 Uploaded via "My images"

account 2.png

Content Management System - New Function - Sort Properties by Sold Date





  • The Properties CMS will now source and display the sold date of a listing if the property is synced with a MLS feed.

  • For manually created listings, the sold date will be sourced based on the property status change from the Property Record.





  • The field will be editable so a user can override the date provided by the MLS

  • The sold date data can be used to sort all property lists and property slider elements

  • Properties without a sold date will be displayed last in the list/slider

sold date.png

Content Management System - New Function - New Tags Field for the Agent CMS





  • A new field has been added to the Agent CMS called "Tags" where agents can now be assigned tags using this form field.

  • These tags can currently be used to filter agents on Team Grid/Slider elements in Page Builder.

  • This new feature will be most useful for large teams and small brokerages.





  • This new field can be used to help front-end users filter agents on team grids by region or other agent attributes

Agent CMS

agent cms.png

Filter Agents Using Tags

filter agents.png

Element Release - Universal - Before and After





  • This universal element is called "Before and After". This element showcases two images side-by-side with a slider in the middle of the images.

  • A front-end user can adjust the slider left & right to reveal more of the image on the left/right - if a user moves the slider to the left, the image on the right will be displayed over the left image.





  • Interactive Slider: Slider can be adjusted by front-end users to view and compare two different images

  • Custom Button: The element includes a call-to-action that can be configured to open a contact form or link to another page

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 2.26.55 PM.png

Page Builder - Modals - Only Modal-Specific Elements will Display in the "Add Modal" List





  • The "Add Modal" element list will now contain the only elements that work as modals to appear as an option when adding a new modal.

  • Modal Enabled Elements:

  1. All Forms Elements - Across All Templates

  2. Properties Overlay Menu - Classic Template

  3. Image Gallery Menu - Universal

  4. Gallery Menu - Classic Template





  • Previously, when adding a new modal, users had to sort through the full list of elements even though a majority of the elements were not meant to be used as a modal


MLS - Property Sync - Property Status is Set to Inactive if Listing Falls Out of Feed





  • This update to the behavior of MLS Property Sync will update the property status of synced listings to INACTIVE if the listing falls out of the MLS feed and the sync expires.





  • Previously if a synced listing was no longer available in a MLS feed the property would retain its most recent listing status

Element Release - Universal - Hoverable Image with Info





  • This universal element is called "Hoverable Image with Info". This element can display a different image when a user hovers over the image.

  • The element can be configured to display the text on the right and image on the left, or the opposite, with the text on the left and the image on the right. The image can be adjusted to be full-bleed as well.





  • Display a Different Image on Image Hover: A different image can be surfaced when a user hovers over the image

  • Display the Image as Full-Bleed: Users have the option to display the image as full-bleed in page builder

  • Text & Image Alignment: The text & image placement can be adjusted so the image is right or left-aligned

Hoverable image.png