Luxury Presence release notes
Luxury Presence release notes

Element Release - Universal - Home Valuation Tool




Our new Home Valuation Tool enables you to generate high-quality seller leads and boost website conversions. The tool was designed to engage prospective sellers with an intuitive user interface and the most accurate real-time data available.

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Element Release - Universal - Neighborhood Data Elements




Neighborhood Data Elements turn you into the trusted local resource for potential buyers while boosting your SEO rankings. This interactive tool gives website visitors real-time details about local neighborhoods, including population, demographic, and school information.

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Element Release - Universal - Self-service Publishing flow




Our new self-service publishing flow makes it easy to launch property websites on an existing domain or buy a new custom domain – all from the Presence Platform.

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Element Release - Universal - Additional Data Slides




In the Presentations tool, users can access three new slides: Home Averages, Days On Market, and Side-by-Side.


Element Release - Universal - Presentation Analytics




For the Presentations tool, users can now access data on the presentations they create and share.

Details on Statistics

Visitors → This can be thought of as the number of unique visitors to a presentation. This will NOT count repeat visits to a presentation from the same device.

Sessions → This can be thought of as the total number of times a user views a presentation. We are counting a session as any time a user opens up a presentation. For example, I view the presentation on my laptop, close the tab of the presentation, then view it again a few hours later we would register that as 1 Visitor and 2 sessions.

Average Completion Rate → This is the average completion rate of our presentations across all sessions. For instance, let’s say my presentation has had 4 sessions. The completion rate of those sessions were 50%, 25%, 100%, and 75%. The number displayed in this summary bar would be 62.5%.

Slide View → The number of times a slide is navigated to across sessions.


Element Release - Universal - In-app Image Cropping




For the Presentations tool, users can now easily and intuitively edit images within the platform.

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Element Release - Universal - Password-protected Detail Pages




Users have the ability to password-protect exclusive pages on their websites.

These can be used for off-market or pocket listings, landing pages, or any page that an agent wants to use to generate leads.


Element Release - Universal - Forced Modal Conversion




New pop-up modal that forces user to submit their information before they can access exclusive website content.


Launch of New Product - One-click Property Websites




Launch your new listing in seconds with our One-Click Property Websites tool. With zero coding required and an easy-to-use interface, this latest addition to our suite of products helps you impress your sellers and maximize exposure for your brand.

Features Include:

  • Quick Setup: generate your property website in one click of a button with our CMS integration.
  • CRM Integration: automatically add new leads into your CRM for fast and easy follow-up.
  • Schedule a Showing: make it easy for prospective buyers to select a time that works for them.
  • Mortgage Calculator: help prospective buyers see how much their mortgage will be, without ever leaving your website.
  • Lead Capture Forms: convert website visitors into leads with a variety of pre-built forms.
  • Social Media Integration: tap into a built-in sharing tool to broadcast listings across all major channels.
  • Virtual Open Houses and Walk-throughs: embed videos, 3D tours and interactive floorplans to enhance your site.
  • Visitor Analytics: track all the major metrics related to each property site.
  • Automated Reporting: schedule reports to send to clients or team members.
  • Mobile-Optimized: each property site will automatically responsive on any device.
  • Unlimited Photos and Videos: easily add and showcase all media necessary for a listing.

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Launch of New Product - Presentations



  • The Presentations tool and CMA will enable agents to create effective, beautiful presentations that integrate with their websites and brand paired with powerful data-backed insights from comparable MLS listings in the area.

Features Include:

  • Dynamic Resizing of Text

  • Micro-Saving (also known as removing the save button)

  • CMA Template

  • Custom themes

  • Embedded videos

  • Interactive, digital-first sharing via URL

  • Print Friendly Template

  • Optimize Speed

  • Slide Gallery